Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky

With Pulp, 2019–2020

With Pulp is an ongoing body of work informed by Queer Ecology, a theory that connects environmental studies and queer theory and that breaks down dualisms and human understandings of the natural and unnatural, the alive and not alive. This work considers harmony with nature as a form of healing and care in the wake of trauma by performing cycles of destruction and regrowth. 

time capsule: watching the world carefully take itself apart that choice you made the sound of something ripping a terribly small thing rolling around behind me a fraying edge in an inconvenient place

when i was 9 i watched this tv documentary about rare illnesses and the reality of ill-ness and death made me so panicked that i began to vomit. then i brushed my teeth and went to the grocery store with my mom


are you feeling ok?

not really

you look cold

im fine 

take my jacket im warm anyway